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Book: Do More Faster

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Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup
by David Cohen and Brad Feld

Summary: A compendium of short discussions on what you will encounter in an early-stage startup and advice that can help you to handle these situations.

Intended Audience: Anyone involved in startups that is looking for guidance or new ideas

Xpresspost Days

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Image by Rwk via TravelPod

At the end of the last release in December, we had our first FedEx Day with good results. One of the main pieces of feedback received was "Now what?".  Some of the things that people had worked on were very solid product ideas but needed more time to complete and integrate into the product.

Becoming Iterationless

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Image by Yogendra174 via Flickr

For our 4.0 release, we experimented with shortening our iteration length and got some mixed interim results.  At the retrospective to discuss our what we wanted to do with these observations for the next release, we talked about the positives, negatives, and related ideas about our ideal iteration length. The results were actually somewhat surprising.

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