Book: Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?


by Seth Godin

Summary: The shift from manufacturing in factories to creation by knowledge workers provides individuals with the ability to hone their skills and make themselves indispensable to organizations

Intended Audience: Anyone who sees the opportunity to take control of their careers

Why You Should Read It: With the radical shift in power from management v. labour to collaborative knowledge industries, the opportunity to become a significant force relies less on circumstance and old power structures and more on what you can bring to an organization to make your contributions irreplaceable.  This book discusses the context of these changes, why it is difficult to deal with the changes that you need to make to prosper, and paths forward to overcome these fears and make progress.  This is a difficult journey so be sure to be generous and forgiving of yourself when there are failures.

My Takeaways

  • Becoming a linchpin is a choice and not an accident. It involves more than innate talent and can be fostered though application.
  • A key part of becoming a linchpin is to expend emotional labour and become part of the gift economy – gifts for the sake of doing good.
  • The lizard brain is a powerful survival mechanism that must be understood and dealt with on the way to becoming a linchpin.

Recommended?: An interesting read